Next up in our Warrior series is Warrior II – one of my personal favourites. Starting to open up the chest, shoulders and hips. Still practicing that balance between ease and effort, strong and soft.



  • Virabhadrasana II


  • Front foot pointing straight ahead, bend into front knee, keeping heel directly beneath the knee
  • Back foot at 90 degrees, heel to arch alignment of both feet
  • Lengthen back leg, grounding outside edge of foot into mat, external rotation of the thigh
  • Hips square to the side of the room, slight tuck in pelvis and tailbone
  • Ribs tucked in, engage and pull through waist and core, drawing belly button back towards the spine
  • Crown of the head drawing up, keeping spine long
  • Keep body in centre – try not to lean forward or back
  • Chest and shoulders open, shoulder blades drawing down the back
  • Fingertips pulling out long in opposite directions
  • Ground both feet down into the mat for a strong foundation
  • Avoid locking out the back knee
  • Keep opening out through the front knee
  • Option 1: If hips, groins or thighs are tight, slightly lengthen the front leg (so there’s less of a bend) and/or shorten the stance of the legs.
  • Option 2: For a deeper stretch, widen the stance and bend deeper into front knee.


  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, core, thighs, calves and ankles
  • Stretches and opens arms, shoulders, chest, front body, hips, thighs, calves and ankles
  • Practicing balance – keeping the breath and mind steady even as the body experiences physical discomfort