Yoga for Stiff Bodies

Build a consistent stretch routine to reduce muscle tightness, improve muscle recovery and increase flexibility. Say goodbye to body aches. No more back pain, tight hips and stiff shoulders!


DEEP STRETCH is an online yoga course designed to help you release muscle tightness, improve muscle recovery and flexibility.

Not only will you learn stretches and drills to reduce muscle tension, the program focuses on habit change to help you create a consistent routine. So you can say goodbye to body aches and pain for good.

Use this program as a warm down after workouts, on your rest days, or as a standalone practice.

Stretch and recover today so you can get stronger and move better tomorrow!


  • You suffer from physical tension like back pain, tight hips, neck tension, shoulder stiffness etc – and it’s affecting your sleep or your ability to move or general quality of life
  • You’re getting sick or injured more often
  • You’ve always wanted to ‘try yoga’ but never knew where to begin
  • You’ve struggled to maintain a consistent yoga/stretch/recovery practice
  • You’re time poor and prefer to do things in your own time, on your own terms
  • You can’t make it to a physical class or you prefer to practice from the comfort of home
  • You’re ready to feel lighter and more open in your body

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What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive video library with over 230 minutes of never-before-seen online classes (from 10 – 30 minutes long)
  • Targeted deep stretches, mobility drills and myofascial release
  • Step-by-step workbook with worksheets and templates to help you plan, track and stick to your stretch routines
  • Ongoing support and accountability via our closed Facebook group, with weekly check-in’s and live support
  • Lifetime access: make a one-time purchase and receive lifetime access – repeat the program and replay the content over and over again!
  • BONUS: access the full length class ‘Full Body Yes’

Whether you’re an avid athlete needing to balance out your strength-based workouts or a stressed worker needing to offset a sedentary lifestyle, there’s something for everyone in this course.