Preparing to go through our Warrior poses in these next few months – strong, masculine poses that challenge us both physically and mentally. Learning to keep the muscles of the body strong to hold the pose, whilst keeping the gaze, the drishti, the breath, the mind and thoughts, soft. Finding a balance between ease and effort… It’s always about the balance.


Virabhadrasana I


  • Front foot pointing straight ahead, bend into front knee, keeping heel directly beneath the knee
  • Back foot at 45 degrees, heel to heel alignment of both feet
  • Lengthen back leg, grounding outside edge of foot into mat, external rotation of the thigh
  • Hips square to the front, slight tuck in pelvis
  • Tuck ribs in, engage and pull up through waist and core, drawing belly button back towards the spine
  • Crown of the head drawing up, keeping spine long
  • Chest and shoulders open, shoulder blades drawing down the back
  • Ground both feet down into the mat for a strong foundation
  • Avoid locking out the back knee
  • Option 1: Keep hands on hips
  • Option 2: Raise arms up towards sky, arms straight and parallel, palms facing towards each other, fingertips drawing up, shoulders down away from ears
  • Option 3: If shoulders are okay, bring palms together in prayer above the head, keeping shoulders relaxed, neck long. If shoulders become stiff in this option, go back to option 2.


  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, core, thighs, calves and ankles
  • Stretches and opens arms, shoulders, chest, front body, hips, thighs, calves and ankles
  • Practicing balance – keeping the breath and mind steady even as the body experiences physical discomfort

DSC02847Option to keep hands on hips if shoulders are tight.