A juicy hip-opener that can become quite intense, goddess pose is great for opening the hips, groin and knees, and strengthening the thighs, buttocks, calves and ankles.


  • Utkata Konasana


  • Beginning in a wide legged stance (like wide legged forward fold), turn the feet, toes pointing outwards
  • Inhale, draw the spine long, both side waists pulling long, draw the belly button in towards the spine
  • Exhale, sinking hips down, sitting down into pose
  • External rotation of the thighs
  • Keep heels beneath knees, drawing the knees back in line with the hips
  • Avoid rolling in or out on the feet – make sure both soles of the feet are flat on the mat and weight evenly distributed
  • Slightly tuck the tailbone under, engage the core, avoid dumping weight into lower back
  • Chest open, shoulders relaxed, shoulder blades drawing down the back
  • Arms: different options for arm placement – e.g. hands in prayer, maybe extend the arms up and open out like in tree pose (be creative!)


  • Opens hips, groins, knees
  • Strengthens core muscles, thighs, buttocks, knees, calves and ankles