A couple of months ago I was kindly asked by Jack of Practical Wing Chun to write an article for their 5th Anniversary magazine. I have been teaching weekly group classes for their students for a few months, and realised that I often did not have the opportunity to cover a lot of yoga philosophy within the classes. We focus on flexibility, strength, and all the physical benefits of the yoga practice to complement the students’ Wing Chun practice, but the mental and spiritual benefits of both Wing Chun and yoga are actually commonly aligned. Therefore, I decided to write on an ‘Introduction to Yoga Philosophy’ – this article encompasses the main themes and concepts that I cover in my usual regular classes, and are the philosophies that I personally most strongly believe in.

Click on the link below to read the full article!

Introduction to Yoga Philosophy: PWC Feature Article

Thank you, again, to Jack and the whole PWC team for giving me the opportunity to share!