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Can’t find a class time that suits you? We are always planning new classes! Please contact us here with class times that best suit you (including day, time and language), and we will look into it!


Class Styles

Gentle Stretch 溫和伸展

Like the name suggests, this class focuses on gentle stretches to release tension in the body. Combined with ‘pranayama’ breathing techniques and meditation to reduce stress and release tension in the mind. A great way to wind down after a long day! Perfect for beginners.


Gentle Flow 溫和流瑜伽

A slow flow class where all movements are connected with the breath to create a ‘moving meditation’ practice. There is a focus on alignment and technique as we connect stretching and strengthening poses with the breath. There may be an option to practice arm balances and inversions – every pose can be modified to suit yogis with different levels of practice.


Vinyasa Flow 力量/流瑜伽

A 75-minute faster-paced, energising flow class designed to build heat in the body. With a focus on building strength in the body, students will have an opportunity to work on more advanced asana such as arm balances and inversions. All movements are connected in a continuous sequence with the breath. The last 15 minutes of class will focus on stretching to wind down, followed by a longer savasana to rest. Suitable for intermediate to advanced levels of practice.


Yin Yoga 深層伸展yin瑜伽

The ‘yin’ to vinyasa yoga’s ’yang’, this style of yoga focuses on long holds and deep stretches. Each pose is held for 3 – 5 minutes, using time, gravity and body weight to stretch into the connective tissues (fascia). Props are used to help support the body as we dive into deep stretches to reduce tension and increase flexibility. The long holds are also a time for introspection and meditation, reducing stress in the mind. Suitable for all levels of practice.


Myofascial Release 肌筋膜舒緩

Using yin yoga poses and myofascial massage tools, this class focuses on specific techniques to stretch into the fascia (connective tissue surrounding every muscle fibre). You will learn how to use props to self-massage, releasing tension in the body, increasing flexibility and improving muscle recovery. Some classes may target one particular area of tension (e.g. shoulders, back,knees). You will leave feeling stretched out and lighter! 


Vin-Yin 陽+yin瑜伽

The best of both worlds, combining the ‘yang’ of a vinyasa class with the ‘yin’ of yin yoga. The first half of the class focuses on building strength and heat in the body with a vinyasa flow, before winding down with yin yoga poses for a deep stretch. A great way to experience both styles of yoga in one class. Suitable for all levels of practice.